We started as car wash operators nearly 40 years ago and we have always worked hard to develop the best products for an industry we know so well. Now, you can get to know us.


Extensive car wash industry experience enables Aerodry to manufacture vehicle drying systems with optimum performance and low sound levels.


Aerodry’s vehicle drying system headquarters is located in Broomfield, Colorado.


Car wash owners since 1986, manufactured vehicle drying equipment as Worldwide Drying Systems, and now as Aerodry Systems.


To the car wash operators and investors that we are proud to work with, our pledge is to deliver the utmost in personalized service and an unwavering dedication to quality.

Our brand transmits core values that are a true reflection of our culture which prevails over all our activities, building trust and respect with the foresight that defines us. We have a unique personality and express it through a verbal, visual and audible universe that makes Aerodry a reference for other companies.

Aerodry develops relationships with our customers based on the principal of trust to progress together and achieve goals.

We think of ways to provide answers, new and original. We license to dream and are always looking for the best effective solution.

Aerodry carries a positive message to all those who interact with us.

The two together are one, and cannot be separated. Without respect there is no freedom and vice versa. We believe in freedom of thought, action, opinion and respect all. We do not impose nor discriminate.

The end objective. Our vocation. We, at Aerodry, have the capacity to serve others, and each member is willing to effectively help with humility. We allow ourselves to get involved in the action of the solution.

Reflecting our constant concern to provide markedly superior products and services. This involves top professionals, experienced, trained and updated constantly to be the best in what we do.

Aerodry offers simple, straightforward solutions. We do not complicate the proposal. Our team wants to understand the problem or opportunity and find the best solution in the most effective way.