Our unique vehicle blower systems for car washes continue to gain praise thanks to a number of key factors. Whether your car wash operation is a small business car wash or a large-scale, industrial application, this is your answer.

Hear the Difference

Significant sound reduction over traditional car wash blowers.

Like No Other

Patented, touchless car wash drying systems.

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Built For You

Easily customized for maximum air flow. Compatible with all washes.


Maintenance-free stainless steel and gel-coated fiberglass ductwork

The Details

  • Its unique design allows the towers to be adjusted to work within your car wash facility, whether it is very wide or narrow.
  • Significant amount of insulated ductwork, both before and after the air producers, to reduce sound levels
  • Our proprietary car washer blower systems are backed by our confident inventory levels that can scale its output to meet your needs.