Our vehicle drying systems adhere to a high standard of quality while exceeding the needs of a number of industry requirements to ensure your company gets the best product.

The Aerodry difference

  • Made in USA and shipped partially assembled
  • Our one-piece, molded axial fans have never had a failure
  • Advantage Dryer System with minimal sound per industry standards
  • Base Dryer System provides simple and quiet results


  • 96″ standard height clearance, tailored before shipping
  • Full-service, self-service, or in-bay automatic washes
  • Sound abatement materials are standard
  • ATL or VFD panels are available options
  • Please contact us for adjustability options


  • Axial Fan: Direct drive, one-piece molded aluminum
  • Air Producer Housings: polished stainless steel
  • Ductwork: Gel-coated white fiberglass
  • Soft stationary nozzles in red, blue, or black

Power Consumption

  • 15 HP motors, 3 phase, TEAO, 60 Hz
  • 3600 RPM, 254TZ frame, 1.3 SF
  • 230-460v, useable on 208v
  • Factory extended lead wires
  • 91% Efficient Motors, the most efficient available
  • Est. running amps, per motor: 37@230v, 18.5@460v, 40.3@208v
  •  Full load Running amps per motor*: 36.4@208v, 33.8@230v, 16.9@460v

*Aerodry fan does not demand motor to operate at full load, which increases life of motor and offers speed adjustability options